Wallpaper 12.12

4 seasons

Deer symbol of rebirth

“This is a deer stag (male deer six years), a dazzling whiteness, appears in the distance and quickly fled before them.” — Lenore and other ballads by Gottfried August Bürger.

Deer in spring, summer, autumn and winter will punctuate your year ...

A project of poster which finally is transformed in series of 9 wallpapers.
The deer is from a photograph of Crossland Alan retouched in Photoshop.

  • Cerf Hiver - Aperçu
  • Cerf Automne D - Aperçu
  • Cerf Automne C - Aperçu
  • Cerf Automne B - Aperçu
  • Cerf Automne A - Aperçu
  • Cerf Été - Aperçu
  • Cerf Printemps A - Aperçu
  • Cerf Printemps B - Aperçu
  • Cerf Printemps C - Aperçu
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