Fonds d’écran 05.11
jui. 2011 /
Mickey n’est pas la seule souris sur la planète ! Fonds d’écran en version 1920 X 1080 pixels, une en version 640 x (...) lire la suite


Wallpaper 03.11
Jun. 2011 /
Here is a mix enters the first version of "You are a machine gun" and "It’s too late" to illustrate this new bar (...) read more

Wallpaper 12.14
Dec. 2014 /
Want a good Christmas to your screen with this pack "Happy Polygon". These happy polygons of Christmas will soften (...) read more

Wallpaper 10.08
Oct. 2008 /
Wallpapers done for the website xrings.net, variant of the "You are a machine gun". Created with Xara3D and (...) read more

Wallpaper 12.13
Dec. 2013 /
Minimalist or simplistic version of Vanity - artistic subject somewhat neglected in the 21st century - suggesting (...) read more

Wallpaper 12.10
Dec. 2010 /
A hint of Cinema 4D, a pinch of Photohop, a tight framing for a macro vision all for the pleasure of your (...) read more

Wallpaper X4.08
Apr. 2008 /
I don’t like myspace! It is the worst of the Web. If you put this wallpaper on your desktop, your neighbor will (...) read more

Wallpaper XX.08
Jun. 2008 /
One pack, a specific shape, 5 wallpapers and 5 shades... Make with Illustrator, Photoshop and Carrara in June 2008 (...) read more

Wallpaper 12.08
Dec. 2008 /
Screen on a current theme (krack, Krak, Crack, Crash, Crach...) to finish the year 2008. The crash in this (...) read more

Wallpaper 09.08
Sep. 2008 /
One pack, a specific shape, 2 colors, 2 wallpapers... Make with Photoshop in September 2008 for xrings.net. * A (...) read more

Wallpaper 11.12
Nov. 2012 /
After a small moment of absence, here is a new vintage of wallpapers! A small experiment on the theme of the paper (...) read more

Wallpaper 1X.08
Oct. 2008 /
A mix of graphic techniques, done with Xara3D and Photoshop, October 2008. Inspired by various tutorials found on (...) read more

Wallpaper 07.10
Jul. 2010 /
Wallpapers on a current theme: la pollution. BP (British Petroleum), with its pretty green logo, would have us (...) read more

Wallpaper 04.08
Apr. 2008 /
I mixed a photograph of landscape with an abstract structure made in Illustrator. read more

Apr. 2008 /
It’s just a font based on the square and the cercle. It’s a first version, April 2008. Font TrueType (version 1.0), (...) read more

Wallpaper 01.10
Jan. 2010 /
To celebrate the year 2010, this is a new package specially designed for your “iPhone”. Click on images to see the (...) read more

Wallpaper 12.09
Dec. 2009 /
A new version of Crash & Birds and three other wallpapers specially designed for your iPhone, Revolución, (...) read more

Wallpaper 12.12
Dec. 2012 /
“This is a deer stag (male deer six years), a dazzling whiteness, appears in the distance and quickly fled before (...) read more

Suicide Web
Feb. 2009 /
The risk of graduated response killed the web on French territory. France would she go to imitate the Chinese web? (...) read more

Wallpaper 05.11
Jun. 2011 /
Mickey isn’t the only mouse on the planet! Wallpapers in version 1980 X 1080 pixels and a version iPhone 640 x 960 (...) read more

Wallpaper 10.13
Oct. 2013 /
A desire for novelty? Here is a small collection of wallpapers for your iPhone, compatible with all iPhones from 2 (...) read more

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